A month of party, a month of love, it is time of the year to say hi to the beginning of cosy alcove. It is that time of the year, when winter gives way to the balmy waves of spring, flowers start blooming, birds start chirping, the air is filled with buzzing of the bumblebee. And the heady aroma of blooming flowers indicate that Love is in the air.

It is that time of the year, when on the special day of St. Valentine, cupid plays his game and brings young hearts together all around the globe. And men and women hold hands and pledge their eternal undying love for each other. Mothers and kids begin a new journey in life forever in true love while mom to be cherish the shower of love from her well-wishers. To make it more memorable and adorable we bring in a new collection of proposal easy to cherish your love with an unforgettable dime for life.

It is that time of the year, when gestures are planned elaborately, amidst much cloak and dagger secrecy, then displayed with much fanfare, and excitement. And gender not withstanding, regardless of status, age, or proclivity, everybody goes bonkers for that sentiment called Love.

It is that time of the year, when roses and chocolate, lilies and teddy bears, champagne and lingerie, kisses and hugs, are gifted and accepted with coy grace. And then comes the crescendo. Sitting nestled in between the flowers and chocolates, is the jewellery box.

That one single gift that tops all the others, that is the sum token of the entire occasion. It could be gleaming ring, a dazzling pocket watch, a sparkling diamond necklace, a debonaire bracelet, dainty ear studs, or a simple locket on a chain. But the symbolism remains the same.

Age is just a number, don’t forget to check our antique collection for the special occasion and those little mini creations from our artisans for your little munchkins. The gesture, the sentiment is packed with unconditional love for eternity. The allegiance to share that beautiful emotion for a lifetime, is the same. Love is in the Air.