Customer satisfaction is primary for Narayana Pearls Gems & Jewels and hence we have a holistic return policy. Our return policy ensures that the customer doesn’t feel entitled to hold on to the product that isn’t needed by the customer further.

Returns are acceptable when the customer isn’t happy/satisfied with the product or in case of a defective product. In order to make the process easier, Narayana Pearls Gems & Jewels offers returns 10 days from the day of receipt of goods for an exchange provided that the recipient gets raises an exchange request with Narayana Pearls Gems & Jewels within 2 days from the date of receiving the product. In case of returns due to oversight error from your end, Narayana Pearls Gems & Jewels isn’t held responsible and the deduction will be applicable for actual handling & shipping charges incurred on us.

A complete refund is applicable in case of faulty/ damaged products/services. After the stipulated 10 day period, the goods, the warranties and other items covered on transaction, Narayana Pearls Gems & Jewels will not be held responsible. The delay in reaching out with a return request is exclusive of Narayana Pearls Gems & Jewels.

The company Narayana Pearls Gems & Jewels will not be held responsible for your queries or non-satisfaction on returns etc.,
Manufacturer’s warranty for several products may vary and it is the user’s responsibility to check for the appropriate product to suit them in all means.