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We respect our users and customers and helps them provide with enough information of our products and services thru this ‘Site”. As a registered user and or as a non-registered user or as a customer, we request you understand

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The content of this “Site” refers to all text contents, logos, graphics, images, photographs, illustrations, videos, blogs, customer reviews, customer testimonials, etc., The content displayed in the “Site” are just for information purpose only and it has nothing to do with anything else and hence “Narayana Pearls” will not be legally or whatsoever be responsible or bound to be in any form or manner except if it is specifically or purposely indicated or otherwise.

Albeit we are a reputed seller and brand in the market in our domain of fashion Jewelries, Pearls, Gems and Stones, the contents displayed here-in over this “Site” perhaps could have some errors which are purely by oversight and thus are not displayed with any intentions or to trample the user’s objectives of purchase or its decisions.

This “Site” perhaps will display or contain related our brand, “Narayana Pearls” or of our vendors or sellers or suppliers or service providers or any third parties such as their logos, trademark information, Copyrights, Certificates and other valuable & Proprietary information. Hence you may use these contents only for your personal use limited to your purchase or your transactions specific to your cart and time session and are not allowed to copy, modify, reproduce, amend, delete, transfer, download, relay / publish in any form or manner until accepted and acknowledged by the respective authorities of the brands separately other than “Narayana Pearls” and with “Narayana Pearls” for its brand related explicitly in written form well in advance (about 60 days prior to reuse of the content(s)).

As most of or all our products are creativity based and are designed and worked by certain unique concepts and with extraordinary efforts put in by our team in terms of resources and time bundled with huge investments in place, we, “Narayana Pearls”, if we found any user(s), violate the usage of this “Site” terms in any form or manner of its contents in any form as mentioned above earlier, will take strict actions and if required legal proceedings against the user(s).

Also “Narayan Pearls” will not hold responsible or liable for any violation of usage of “Site” by user and the damages caused due to it to the user or to anyone associated with him due to malpractice of data displayed in the “Site” in any form or manner.


As a user, you are supposed to be at least or above 18 years of age to use this site and to do transactions for any products or services. “Narayana Pearls” doesn’t accept any order that are placed by user with below 18 Years of old or even to register an account with us per Indian Contract Act 1872 according to our constitution. If the user age is found to below 18 years, “Narayana Pearls” at its sole discretion will terminate your transaction, registration, account and your access to site in full in accordance with our policy and terms of usage without any prior notice and at any given time.

“Narayana Pearls” will not be responsible or liable for any misuse or theft or phishing or etc., in any form or manner at any point of time during your transactions or even after transactions for your confidential information like username, passcodes, or any other valuable and vital and confidential data to be supplied by your while registering your account with us on this “Site”. Hence as a responsible user you accept with 100% concurrence with above terms.

“’Narayana Pearls” shall have all the rights to suspend your account if found to be violating or deviating from these terms set forth in here in any form or manner unless otherwise informed to or specifically approved by ‘Narayana Pearls” in written form.

Expiration of Services

These terms expounded here are governed by and are effective until terminated by ‘Narayana Pearls and hence “Narayan Pearls” perhaps suspend or terminate any of these terms in full or partial without any prior notice as it conforms to the activities of the firm.

“Narayana Pearls” has the right to terminate any user account at its sole discretion if found violated on usage of “Site” and its contents in any manner or form or whatsoever and you are not liable to or authorize or acknowledge to or influence or access any services of “Narayana Pearls” post termination of your account.

Also, the limitations that are set forth in regard to indemnity and liabilities regards to the contents shall become void and shall survive termination in complete conforms to confinements enforced on basis termination of your account.

‘Narayana Pearls” has the rights to terminate any of these services or complete services or activities hitherto or any specific features or part of the same thereof for any products or services offered by them or through their service providers.

Prohibited Usage

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Disclaimer of Liability

“Narayana Pearls” will not be liable or hold responsible for any of the contents displayed over this “Site” as all the contents in this “Site” are on as is whereas basis and doesn’t warrant in any kind or form or manner to anyone. The contents in any page of this “Site” doesn’t warrant or offer or imply or express or represent any basis or fitness or any specific purpose. The contents referred to here are not limited to but including availability of description of products, their prices, their images, graphics, texts, videos if any, illustrations, etc., in complete or partial thereof.

“Narayana Pearls” doesn’t warrant or represent or accept for any misrepresentation of data or information provided in this “Site” for any of your personal or commercial or whatsoever usage. “Narayana Pearls” neither warrant for any inaccuracy or timeliness of the contents displayed in this site nor for any uninterrupted/error-free/without defect usage or misalignments in the device that you view in. “Narayana Pearls” doesn’t provide any legal sanctity for its data displayed in this site to be free from any virus or malwares or other harmful components or stuffs that perhaps could harm your device in full or in partial or thereof. The users are solely responsible for the same and should monitor and take care of their devices with all precautions and required software protections and they should be in full accordance and acceptance of above terms and conditions for use of this “Site” on their own in any situations.

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