Budget Simplicity

The sweetest of gestures come from those who are close to our hearts, don’t you agree? Well, as humans we are always travelling our life with an underlying emotion whether we like it or not but when it comes from heart it beats with the heart. It doesn’t matter what the gesture it is, but rather how it was proffered. The simplest things in life often evoke such intense response from within us, it will also not matter how pricey the gift is, if the string is attached to the right knot. The famous Indian saying about, “the value of a single flower being equivalent to a ton of gold is based on this same maxim.”

There are a lot of people who come and go out of our lives while a very few become very special, and stay forever. Their very presence in our lives evokes a deep emotional response from us, a sense of gratitude to the Divine Power for bringing this person into our life. Such people are important not because they constantly shower us with expensive gifts or jewels but also for their value addition to our life.

A gift for life, a fit for life with our most authentic bauble, a precious simple pearl stud or a silver toe ring, hidden amidst a nice cup of coffee when you are tired, make the entire day more memorable and refreshing. These gifts are more valuable more than they value and one can manage to spend the cost. Our budget friendly jewellery collections are also pocket friendly for a perfect getaway along with making some beautiful memories for life. It never matters what you gift or gesture, it’s the language of love, of affection, of caring and of immense and unconditional support.

The value of simplicity, is highly underrated in recent times. The financial leverage in recent days have increased the spending capacity, and in turn, expensive, but rather flat gestures without any impact. What an expensive dinner date can’t accomplish, a simple home-cooked meal can. What expensive diamonds can’t achieve, a small silver trinket or an elegant pearl bracelet can. There is always an underlying beauty in every simplicity.