We specialize in the authentic trading of pearls, gem-stones, fashion jewellery and traditional jewellery. We believe in genuineness and therefore deal with customization of jewellery our collection expands many folds and so does our customer satisfaction. Narayana Pearls offer you the array of precious stones (pearls, corals, rubies, emerald, sapphire, yellow sapphire, diamond, S18, catís-eye) as fashion jewellery and also for astrological purposes. These are also available for customization.

The world has more 1lac semi-precious stones in existence but only forty to fifty suits the Indian philosophy. They constitute Amethyst, topaz, garnet, agate, onyx, jade, turquoise and many more which are available here for sale and customization for the same is also available.

Silver jewellery here constitute the two categories namely the Pure 92.5% Silver and Metal mix silver jewellery. The pure silver jewellery mainly constitutes the making of fashion jewellery including earrings, bracelets, anklets and rings. These pure 92.5% silver jewellery are designed by artisans at Jaipur and some are also imported. The mesh jewellery is a new insight in the world of fashion jewellery. These are also customized with gem-stones according to requests and interests. Metal mix jewellery in silver constitutes mainly of the stone work and gem-stone collection.


Brides of India of all regions think weddings in an extensive way and we offer an enormous collection to the brides and bridesmaid. Bridal collection mainly includes Antique, Kundan and polki collection. Antique collection will have exquisite workmanship clattering to the needs of a perfect South Indian Bride. Kundan however is fast catching up into the trend of traditional jewellery and we offer unique anklets, hip-chains, head gears, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, arm-rests from our den. Polki jewellery will carry our own trade mark pattern of antique jewellery with semi-precious stones embedded in them.


Our own Narayana Pearls has to offer to you all new customization of gold jewellery for the first time in the city, providing you a choice to design your own jewellery in GOLD!


A solid collection of silver jewellery for the men-folk comes from us. We bring to you bracelets, pendants and rings. We also customize gem-stones in rings for astrological purposes.


We allow you to set your own fashion statement with the fashionable silver jewellery to cater to your taste and keeping in mind the expenses too. This is only for students who carry with them their student id card.


Art is appreciated in all ways at Narayana Pearls. The exclusive collection of statues in brass and semi-precious stones speak for themselves.


The intricate Meena-Kari art forms are seen in the silver gift items available at Narayana Pearls adding flavor to the collection.



In-house astrologer, Thiru. R.S.Thirumurthy is one of the main characteristic of Narayana Pearls. Working with Narayana Pearls for more than ten years he has become the part of the family. Born in Madurai, from the family of astrologers, he holds a diploma in Astrology from Kamaraj University. An avid practitioner for thirty years, he attributes his success to his guru, Vidwan Lakshamanan.

He advices customers after analyzing their horoscope in detail and also gives them remedies to certain problems. He firmly believes that gem-stones are the solution to many medical problems and are seen as the mechanism for a healthy and a perfect living.

The advice on their lives, marriage alliances, childrenís career, vaasthu, prashnam are also done here. Advice on usage of blue sapphire and diamond is limited as he feels that they do not suit all people. In similar lines Rudraksha is also prescribed only after a detail research of customerís horoscope.