"The fire within and success beyond”

Founder of the Original Narayana Pearls,


Original Narayana Pearls was established by Kotte Venkat Narayana. Hailing from a small village near Ongole, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh, K. V. Narayana became the link to the broken family tradition. Dropping out of education just after the demise of his father, he took about varied jobs including farming to support his family. Being youngest in the family of eight did not spare him from toiling hard. Marriage to K. Pushpa came as early as 23 for K. V. Narayana giving him an independent identity and the greatest moral support of his life. Trading pearls in year 1984 making a small profit he invested the same later into business.

The stone of Original Narayana Pearls was laid in the year 1986 at Hyderabad by K. V. Narayana along with his elder brother. This continued till 1990, during which K. V. Narayana along with his nephew went about hosting exquisite pearl exhibitions around the country when his brother took care of the shop. He later found a prospective future in Chennai and gave in to the instinct of launching himself in Chennai along with his nephew at Kasi Arcade. This became the very first branch of Narayana Pearls at Chennai.

With time his relationship with his nephew soured and strained. This lead to the split of the Jewellery shops in the year 1996. The chain under K. V. Narayana became Original Narayana Pearls, carving a niche for itself with exquisite pearl and gem-stone jewellery. He decided to give a face lift to the chain of shops and launched the Original Narayana Pearls at Sudha’s Paradise in the year 1996. The customization of Jewellery and the customer services became the household name of the organization. Later K. V. Narayana took up to education and read the works of J. Krishnamoorthy and Vivekananda whom he claims played a major role in shaping his character. Playing a major role in shaping his life, K. V. Narayana attributes his character building to the two. He then started seeing huge success in his business launching his second showroom in Chennai at Shakthi Plaza in the year 2000. Rift in the family however seemed to grow with time when his nephew’s family continued the business under the same name and places.

The launch of Kundan jewellery and temple jewellery saw a sea of change in their business as they re-wrote the trend of adorning pure gold for auspicious occasions with pearls and gem-stones. With the changing trend, where people were more willing to invest in Temple, Kundan, Antique jewellery for marriages saw the positive growth of Original Narayana Pearls. This was when K. V. Narayana went about to reach to varied set of audiences pushing aside gender bars with the opening of their next showroom at Adyar in the year 2002. They also brought about the silver jewellery for the men-folk.

Hard work and Sincerity had always been the motto of K. V. Narayana. People started to see the genuineness and the standard of jewellery at the Original Narayana Pearls to keep returning to their favorite place for purchase. The sheer love for jewellery helped K. V. Narayana to keep up with change and define the pulse of the audience which became a rage. Operating under the same name, his family in business were posing rivals to him. It never deterred his spirit as he let the jewellery take over the differences and portray the class written all over them.

The next two showrooms came about within a span of two years at Anna Nagar (2004) and at #75 Pondy Bazaar (2005) respectively. Stepping ahead from the den of fashion and antique jewellery, Original Narayana Pearls started their unique Gold section in the year 2011. They became the fore-runners again, for their exclusive customization of the gold jewellery in the city.

K. V. Narayana also pursues his passion in real-estate business. A systematic follower of Jaggi Vasudev of Isha Yoga, he believes that good health is the foremost tool to succeed. His love for art forms includes his interest in music and theater. He can play instruments Tabla and Flute. The passion for acting again drove him to have a few on-stage, serials and movies under his belt. 30 successful odd business years and still counting, he owes it to the moral support from his wife and also his family. He is now supported by his sons and daughters actively in business.